Church in West Palm Beach


To prepare people of West Palm Beach and the world to live intentionally and consistently as God's Beloved in a complicated world.


1. To be Family Oriented.

2. Active in our community.

3. Invested in Spiritual Growth and Maturity

4. Provide biblical and relevant preaching and teaching.

5. Offer a welcoming space for all seeking to flourish in a complex world. 


We are a church that takes great delight in helping guests feel like friends.  No matter your background we believe that our common search for meaning and purpose in a challenging and difficult world is what leads us to God.  That search leads us to discover a God who takes great delight in us even though we make a ton of mistakes.  That discovery is what makes it possible for us to quickly "turn" guests into friends at this church.


Our ambition is to be a church without walls. This means we believe the action that occurs in worship, small groups, and various gatherings MUST inspire us to care for our community.  We often say here, "We worship and study, not only for our sake, but also for the sake of others!"  


We highly value our relationships with one another.  The relationships we foster are grounded in providing, support, encouragement, and compassionate accountability for each other.  We create healthy relationships with each other so that we can model those relationships for others.  We want to prove that love wins