Prayer Works

Does it feel like something is missing between you and God?  Are you wondering if God is paying attention to your life and struggles?  Does it feel like you are talking, but no one is listening?   Have you heard people say, "God answered my prayer!" Now you are wondering, "What about me?"  Have you ever thought, "Maybe I'm just not praying hard enough?" If you can relate to any of these questions or one, you may want to connect with our prayer and fasting resources.  



Request Prayer

I am sure it is safe to say life is hard.  It becomes even more difficult if it feels like you are facing the challenges all alone.  Here at UMC of the Palm Beaches, we believe life becomes easier when we are praying for each other.  How can we pray for you today?

Prayer Thoughts

I gave up on God when I was 12.  I was praying that God would make my dad stop drinking and my parents stop fighting.  Nothing happened.  I asked an adult and was told, "You are not praying hard enough."  In this series, I provide a different response.

Prayer and Fasting

What if your prayer life really felt like you were having a cool conversation with God?  What if when you were able to see God's presence daily?   Download our various prayer models and guides and experience the power and presence of God through prayer.

Tyler Staton, in his terrific book, PRAYING LIKE MONKS, LIVING LIKE FOOLS, invites praying Christians to discover how to experience a powerful connection with God through prayer.  

If you want a life of prayer, the way to get it is by praying. ~ Thomas Merton


Every day we would like for you to join as at 11:02 A.M. in prayer.  Set your alarm and each day it goes off we want you to pause, say the Lord's Prayer, pray for people you know that have you to discover how much they matter to God, and pray that UMCPB will be a church that remains open to doing God's will not matter what.  No need to register.